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Saturday 29 October 2016 ore 11:30 - 13:30

Chinese traditional medicine.Shaolin

Spazio D – admittance free subject to availability of places

A seminar introducing the principles of Shaolin culture and presenting the course with Master Shi Yan Hui

Chinese traditional medicine, the principles on which it is base and its practices within Shaolin culture are the themes that will be discussed in the seminar with Master Shi Yan Hui, a 34th generation monk of the Shaolin Temple. From the original perspective of Chinese traditions we shall analyse the relationships between Jung, Qi and Shen, providing an opportunity to understand the vision of man in the mind-body-society dimension that underlies the concept of health according to Chan Yi and its relationships with Buddhist philosophy and the martial arts, as well as illustrating the western point of view in a possible intercultural dialogue around the concept of health.

Shi Yan Hui Shaolin monk
Carlo Caltagirone Scientific Director of the Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs
Vincenzo Saraceni Professor of Physical Medicine La Sapienza University, Rome

The seminar will also be an opportunity to present the Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine to be held by Master Shi Yan Hui from next January at the Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs. The event will conclude with a martial arts demonstration.
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Initiative organized by the Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs