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videogalleryScience Fiction and Hallucination

videogallery – free entrance
curated by Cao Fei

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Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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An exhibition curated by Cao Fei to recount reality, revisiting it with a language rich in fantasy and imagination, projecting it into the future between tradition and fiction.

From the fictional documentary to the melancholic love story, from the hyperreal vision of the future to the reinterpretation of history, from the post-apocalyptic scenario to the dream dimension, these artists choose different angles of human existence to share their interpretation of modernity and the influence that technological development has on society.

Fang Di | Fei Yining and Chuck Kuan | Hsu Che-Yu | Lawrence Lek | Tian Guan and Junjie Lin | Wang Mowen | Xin Liu | Yang Di | Yong Xiang Li | Zhang Congcong | Zheng Yuan | Zhou Shengwei

Inspired by the original character of Chinese science fiction, born from the encounter between humans, wonder, the universe and the mysteries of nature, these artists overturn the popularisation of purely scientific or technological concepts to present an often pessimistic vision of the future, and the role played by progress, constantly drawing attention to the present of the community.

header: Fei Yining & Chuck Kuan, Breakfast Ritual: Art Must Be Artificial, 2019, still from video. Courtesy the artists

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