Tuesday 24 May 2016 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Contemporary visions in Lithuanian art of the latest generationsReshaping the present

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admittance free subject to availability of places
The conference will be held in English

An exploration of the artistic and cultural realities of the Baltic

This seminar on Lithuanian art of the last 20 years offers an opportunity to open a debate over the new reconfiguration of the contemporary artistic scene. Lithuanian artists have developed points of view more closely associated with their roots, conditions by the influence of the former Soviet Union, with the consequent need to reaffirm and redefine their identity: a fragmented identity as Romain Gary, a writer of Lithuanian origins put it.

On the basis of strong historical roots, during the seminar a window will be opened on the multiple expressive idioms that frequently aim at moulding, freeing and empowering the individual to change the socio-political situation.

Julija Reklaité, an architect by training, talks to us about stratification of the landscape and architecture in the city of Vilnius, relating it to the work of environmental art sculptors such as Mindaugas Navakas.
The curator Ula Turnau, in a conversation with the artists present, talks about how their art relates to history and space: for Kipras Dubauskas, history becomes a nomad map of the world, for Žilvinas Landzbergas the stories of childhood become a way of reconfiguring space.

At the end of the seminar there will be a screening of the videos of Eglé Budvytyé, Kipras Dubauskas, Kristina Inciuraite and Deimantas Narkevicius tracing for a visual exploration of 21st century Lithuanian art.

Introduced by
Hou Hanru Artistic Director, MAXXI
ŪlaTurnau Curator CAC, Vilnius
Julija Reklaité cultural attaché with the Lithuanian embassy
The artists Kipras Dubauskas and Zilvinas Landzbergas will be present
Benedetta Carpi De Resmini curator and art critic