A story for the future | foto © Agostino Osio, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI
open call
Friday 15 October 2021 - Sunday 21 November 2021

open callRepairing the present

Let’s think globally and act locally to repair the present and build the future we need.

12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers from 11 different countries have set out to address the unintended consequences of steadfast technological development resulting in the European continent’s present social, economic, and environmental challenges.

To repair the present, the EU’s economy must be transformed and adapted for the sustainable future we all want. To do so, the 12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers, Europe’s leading cultural and arts institutions, innovation and cleantech hubs, have defined 21 challenges that need to be addressed in their regions and are calling for international artists to join them in finding artistic, innovative solutions.

We are calling all international artists that want to be catalysts for change and active contributors to innovation. If you want to help change behaviours, reduce waste, fight climate change, improve energy efficiency or make cities and communities more sustainable – in essence, challenge existing actions and propose more responsible and sustainable ones, we want to hear from you.

Discover the challenges devised by MAXXI in collaboration with Sony:

Challenge 3. Big Data and the City
How might we picture and redesign future urban mobility in the age of big data?

This challenge adresses the impact of future urban mobility on everyday life, looking for new perspectives by exploring new ways of experiencing and navigating the city and aims to conceive new scenarios for post-pandemic sustainable cities by exploiting the disruptive potential of big data and ICT technologies for the improvement of citizens’ living condition.

Challenge 17. Improving Urban Sustainability
How might we re-shape the present sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future?

This challenge explores the impact of new technologies in modern urban environments suggesting a critical perspective to re-shape the present and reach a sustainable future. Devise possible future scenarios to improve the citizen lifestyles and sustainability of cities, making people aware of the complexity of the bio-socio-economic challenges of our era.

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