Thursday 1 January 1970

Try drawing with pixels!

Try drawing with pixels!

An experimental learning lab in collaboration with Nintendo

Who is it aimed at?
Children of between 7 and 12 years, together with their parents.

When will it be held?
Saturday 5 March at 16.30 and Sunday 6 March at 11.45.

What does it involve?
A workshop during which you will be able to try out the Art Academy software on 45 portable Nintendo DSi XL consoles. A fun, stimulating and interactive way of getting to know the world of art.

How does it work?
The learning lab consists of a meeting at the museum divided into two phases: an exploratory visit and a hands-on workshop. During the first phase, the children and adults, each equipped with a console, will explore the museum in search of details of paintings, sculptures, installations, projections and videos. In the second phase the participants will reinterpret the masterpieces they have encountered.

How much does it cost?
€ 7.00 per child + free for adults. Reservations required.
Please book by calling +39 06 39967350