Tuesday 28 November 2017 ore 18:00 - 20:00

Progettare Green Infrastructure

Carlo Scarpa hall – free entry until full capacity

The presentation of a volume and an event on the technologies, values and instruments required for urban resilience

The event is an opportunity to present the Progettare Green Infrastructure volume by landscape architect and economist Maria Beatrice Andreucci, published by Wolters Kluwer Italia. The implementation of nature-based solutions enables the Green Infrastructure project to combine the safeguard of the natural capital with the social inclusion and economic development of resilient metropolitan systems. Green Infrastructure enables corrective actions in all the mentioned fields, thereby reducing stress, limiting damage, triggering virtuous adaptation processes, and leading to a decrease in the environmental impact caused by the numerous human activities carried out in the Anthropocene.

The Green Infrastructure project falls into the scientific category of evidence-based design, namely a strategic way of thinking aimed at maximising the integrated benefits provided by social-ecological systems through adaptive architectural and urban transformations. The rising temperatures – the dangerous “heat island” effect that takes place in cities due to soil sealing and erroneous urban geometry – floods, made worse by our tampering with the hydrographic network, and the other natural catastrophes caused by human activities require us to urgently address this problem, thereby setting ambitious goals such as energy rebalancing, an greater use of “non-conventional” resources, the unsealing of soil, and the increase in biodiversity.

Margherita Guccione MAXXI Architettura Director

Maria Beatrice Andreucci author of the book
Luciano Cupelloni Tenured professor of Architectural Technological Planning, Sapienza University of Rome
Gioia Gibelli President of the Italian Landscape Ecology Association
Pinuccia Montanari Councillor for Environmental Sustainability, Roma Capitale
Paolo Portoghesi Professor Emeritus, Sapienza University of Rome
Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza Tenured professor of Forestry and Forest Ecophysiology, Director of the Department for the Innovation of Biological, Agri-food and Forest Systems, University of Tuscia