Foto © Alba Zari, Physiognomy, Process of similarity, 2016, Courtesy l’artista
Saturday 12 October 2019 ore 17:00 - 18:30

2019 Contemporary Art Day.Graziadei Photography Award

Carlo Scarpa Hall – free admittance until full capacity

A meeting to discover and study the work of the winners of the last two editions of the Award, Alba Zari and Alessandro Calabrese.

On the occasion of the 2019 Contemporary Art Day, MAXXI celebrates the collaboration with the Graziadei photography award, which has been promoted by the law firm Graziadei Studio Legale since 2012 and that, starting this year, enters fully into the scheduling of the Museum’s photography activities.

The Graziadei photography award was founded in 2012 from an Graziadei Studio Legale’s initiative with the dual objective of promoting the work of young Italian artists and endorsing it over time. Awarded by an international panel that changes each year, the Award is assigned to an under-35 artist who participates with an already completed project and who is simultaneously commissioned to create a new work to be developed during the following year.


Bartolomeo Pietromarchi MAXXI Arte Director
Francesco Graziadei Graziadei Studio Legale
Marco Delogu curator and former Director of Photography – Rome Festival
Francesco Jodice artist and former member of the Graziadei Award panel of judges
Alessandro Dandini de Sylva curator
Francesca Seravalle curator

Conversation with the artists on display
Alba Zari
Alessandro Calabrese

and the winners of the previous editions
Andrea Botto
Luca Nostri