02 February 2018 - 25 February 2018

Nanda Vigo. Arch/arcology

Claudia Gian Ferrari Hall
curated by Domitilla Dardi

Research and experimentation are key words in the solid relationship that MAXXI and ALCANTARA® began to build back in 2011, and that will be renewed again this year with new content. Indeed, the exhibitions are to become monographic, and each year a well- established designer will be invited to interpret the MAXXI Architecture Collections.

We begin with Nanda Vigo, chosen for her ability to bring research and design to interiors and who, departing from the MAXXI Architecture archives, will arrange a space in which visitors will be able to enter and move about the results of her interpretation.

The public will be offered a unique opportunity to experience live the critical reading by which the author pays personal homage to a master of the past.