02 April 2015 > 07 June 2015

Sue Proprie Mani by Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko

curated by Cristiana Perrella
Gian Ferrari Hall

On the occasion of the Architecture in Uniform

At the end of the 2000s, the State Archive of Albania announced the discovery in its stores of two jute sacks labelled with the simple title: “Correspondence of Italian Citizens in Albania’.

Hundreds of letters separated from their envelopes and bundled together.
They never reached their destinations…

On the occasion of the exhibition Architecture in Uniform Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko reflect on this episode.

A video-installation shows international actors interpreting fragments of some of those letters.

A space, which accommodates prints of the letters, becomes a map, a physical presence of these traces of communications that were never received.


The authors would like to thank The State Archives of Albania