Thursday 1 January 1970

Meetings of minds

Created with the intention of distributing the results of the international MitoSys, research project, the exhibition Lens On Life,is the product of the dialogue between artists and scientists regarding the one of the fundamental mechanisms of human life: mitosis.

Starting out from the scientific theme with the figurative and dialectic intervention of the artists, the project presents a possible result of the art-science union: common ground, composed of images and metaphors, on which an open and continuously evolving dialogue may be constructed.

Meetings of minds. Artists and scientists in conversation
Thursday 10 July, 17.00
MAXXI Auditorium – free admittance

A seminar presenting science through the language of art.
The event begins with the exclusive screening of one of the fundamental elements of the project Mitosys, the documentary Meeting of Minds, commissioned by the curator Marina Wallace and directed by Natasha Serlin.
Within the documentary, composed of a series of four dialogues, artists and scientists converse in an attempt to achieve greater comprehension of the mitosis process.

The participants will then be describing their own experiences, reflecting on the possibility of diffusing the scientific concept.

Introduced by
Anna Mattirolo Director of MAXXI Arte
Marina Wallace Curator and lecturer in curatorial studies at Central Saint Martins (UAL), London

Lucy Orta artist and lecturer in environmental arts at the University of the Arts, London
Rob Kesseler artist and lecturer in art and science at the University of the Arts, London
Ackroyd & Harvey official artists, London Olympics 2012
Kim Nasmyth lecturer in biochemistry at Oxford University

Cristiana Perrellaart critic and independent curator

Lens of Life
curated by Marina Wallace
10 July – 28 August 2014
Galleria Federica Schiavo
Piazza di montevecchio 16, Roma

The exhibition is the first in a series of three: after Rome, Lens On Life will move to the Lethaby Gallery of Central Saint Martins in London (29 January – 27 February 2015) and then to the University Museum in Heidelberg (16 March – 28 April 2015).