Wednesday 16 May 2018 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Masbedo. Words as Trauma

Video Gallery – entrance €5
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On the occasion of Artapes. Silence and Rituals an encounter exploring the power of the images created by the artistic due Masbedo, Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni.
The protagonist in their works is a cruel nature that is a mute and indifferent witness to the existential dramas that play out in its presence: from the eternal glaciers of Iceland in Ionesco Suite, Glima, to the deformed feet of a ballerina in Until the End, through to Fragile, in which the transience of life and beauty is recounted through the arthritic feet of an old peacock.

Introduced by
Bartolomeo Pietromarchi Director MAXXI Arte

Masbedo artists
Paola Ugolini curator In Between Art Film