25 October 2023 > 14 January 2024

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free admission for the under 30s every Sunday thanks to the IGT support; free admission for all also from Tuesday to Thursday
the exhibition’s closing has been extended to Sunday 14 January 2024

corner MAXXI
curated by Luca Beatrice

A dialogue between works full of references to classical cinema, theatre and contemporary photography filtered through the lens of abstraction.

Marco Tamburro, a protagonist of Italian pictorial research, has created a series of works specifically for this exhibition. By aggregating swirling and discontinuous gestures, he has constructed a network of information, sensations and fragments that combine to define our time, characterised by dynamism and contradictions.

In the paintings’ composition, the artist seeks the coexistence of different temporalities, reworking ideas and meanings and reflecting on multiple themes such as the everyday, the alienating mechanisms of contemporaneity, time, and the metropolis.

A reflection of a fluid modernity that looks back to the past, it is precisely the city that represents the primary source of inspiration: consumed, traversed by infinite trajectories, dominated by buildings and skyscrapers, it is represented as a merry-go-round, a dreamy expression of a contemporary circus.

with the support of IGT
header: Marco Tamburro, Gemelli, 2023

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