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Books at MAXXI.L’occhio della macchina by Simone Arcagni

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If each era offers a specific look at the world, then what is the logic and the nature of the contemporary eye?

Simone Arcagni’s book, L’occhio della macchina (The eye of the machine), is a reflection that not only opens the delicate discussion on the relationship that man has with machines, but especially deals with the issue of how a machine, with increasing levels of intelligence and autonomy, can “see” – both in the most concrete sense and in a broader sense – the human and the human being.

What does the eye of the machine mean?What does the eye of the machine mean?

The eye of the machine connects the history of informatics with visual thinking. It provides examples, stories, and suggestions, it explains the functioning of hardware and software, describes media and devices, and it interrogates thinkers in a vast field ranging from Mathematics to Futurology. It deals with the story of an eye that is mathematical in nature, with the matrix well rooted in cybernetics. It is the eye of our machines, the machines that we use each day and that help us see, photograph, film, and see.

Introduced by
Eleonora Farina MAXXI Art

Simone Arcagni author of the book