Thursday 1 January 1970

Ester Coen discusses the 1960s and the Italian Neo-Avant Garde

Le Storie dellArte

The Histories of Art, a series of seminars on the history of contemporary art from 1960 to 2010, organised on the basis of chronological and thematic issues from the last 40 years’ research is returning to MAXXI.

In the eight seminars, gallerists, curators, art critics and university lecturers will be discussing theoretical issues in order to offer the museum public further instruments for reading and understanding contemporary art, criticism and its system from the Neo-Avant-Garde to Conceptualism, from Post-Modernism to the art of the new millennium.
Not simply lectures on contemporary art, but the stories by those protagonists who with extraordinary exhibitions have marked the history of Italian contemporary art.

First appointment:
Ester Coen discusses the 1960s and the Italian Neo-Avant Garde
Saturday 15 October, 11.30 – 13.00
MAXXI Auditorium
entrance  €4 – free for holders of the my MAXXI membership card

If the 1960s represented a turning point in the artistic research of the 20th century, who were the key figures? What became the fundamental principles of vision? These are the points of a discussion that originated in the United States, the reflections of which in Italy were to be combined with the logic of a diverse perception changing the sense of history, the past and nature.

Ester Coen is an art historian and critic, a lecturer in the history of contemporary art at the University of L’Acquila. She focuses on 20th century art, with particular reference to the historical avant-garde movements and the artistic expressions of the Sixties and Seventies.
She has curated important exhibitions including, with Giulia Stella, Gary Hill Resounding Arches (Colosseum, Rome, 2005); Enzo Cucchi (Museo Correr, Venice, 2007); Futurism 100: Illuminazione. Avanguardie a confronto. Italia – Germania – Russia (Mart, Rovereto, 2009). Her publications include the invaluable contribution ‘Miti anti Miti’ in The Evanescent Confine, Milan 2010.

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