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Book at MAXXI.Le Case isolate di Cesare Cattaneo

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A comparison between individual and social life, between the house as an inner universe and the collective structures.

Le Case isolate by Cesare Cattaneo is inspired by the subdivision between two different types of housing proposed years before by the same architect: “isolated houses for a family” that group the types of rural house, the worker house, the middle-class house and the multi-storey “collective row houses”.
The theme of the Isolated Home, conceived before his degree in Architecture achieved in 1935, are further developed with the studies of Rural “mobile homes” in 1940 and in 1942 with the designs for a Family-home with full attention on the social content that inspires his architecture.

Introduced bt
Margherita Guccione Direttor MAXXI Architecture

Giorgio Ciucci author of the book
Damiano Cattaneo The Cattaneo Archives Manager
Fulvio Irace Polytechnic University of Milan
Alessandra Muntoni “Sapienza” University of Rome