Friday 1 April 2016 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Istanbul: a workshop for the present.The new Istanbul, between Neo-laissez-faire and the processes of gentrification

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Recent events in Turkey recounted through the political, social and religious history of a country in continuous transformation

Over the last 10 years, Istanbul has undergone profound transformations. The voracious appetites of the real estate developers have filled the urban fabric with skyscrapers and huge shopping centres, threatening the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. Entire quarters have been radically transformed and important buildings have been lost, including the Emek cinema, one of the most important centres of Turkish culture, demolished in 2013. The fight to save the cinema developed into one of the strongest movements of urban opposition of the last 10 years, which gave rise through the hashtag #DirenGEzi (Resist Gezi), to free concerts, exhibitions and shows organize to protest the disappearance of public spaces. In the background, the tumultuous internal and international events that have had and continue to have in Turkey’s “second capital” their theatre and formidable sounding board.
During the seminar these fact will act as a starting point for discussion about how the face of Istanbul, its architecture and its urban landscape is changing.

Alexis Sanal SANALarch studio, Istanbul
Teresita Scalco Università Iuav, Venice co-author of Istanbul Ritratti di città
Yasemin Taskin correspondent of the Italian newspaper Sabah and in Turkey for Limes
Moira Valeri Yeditepe University, Istanbul, co-author of Istanbul Ritratti di città

Introduced by
Elena Motisi co-curator of the exhibition Istanbul. Passione, gioia, furore