14 December 2023 > 10 March 2024

The new Design Collection

galleria 2

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Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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Industrial, collectible, digital, innovative, anonymous. The current design scene is on display.

The Museum opens its first contemporary Design Collection to examine the countless ways in which culture, technological advancement and aesthetic innovation in Italy dialogue with today’s global movements.

Contemporary production – encompassing furniture, objects, graphics, materials, and digital products – continues to act as a link through which practical and everyday human experiences merge with the creative dimension of design. It thus provides a multidimensional way to examine and intercept social phenomena, technological progress and the contemporary cultural scene.

The 13 studios and individual designers who enter the Collection work and create on the borderline of artistic exploration aligning themselves with the evolving dynamics of the 21st century, in which materials, processes, and artefacts reflect collective and individual responses to major current issues.

The Museum’s Design Collection comprises contemporary and future-oriented works, focusing on pieces from the late 20th century to the early decades of the 21st.

header: Maximilian Marchesani, Family (12), Italy 2022