07 February 2020 > 30 August 2020

Alcantara Project - MAXXI. Studio VisitKonstantin Grcic.
imagination in power

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Gian Ferrari hall
curated by Domitilla Dardi
The exhibition will reopen to the public from 18 June 2020

A fantastic landscape bordering on the surreal reflects on the comparison between the natural and the artificial, between man and technology.

The partnership between Alcantara and MAXXI, established in 2011 under the banner of research and experimentation, has been renewed for 2020 as well. For the third edition of Studio Visit – a programme that every year invites an internationally renowned designer to establish a dialogue with the works in the Museum’s collection in order to present their own interpretation – Konstantin Grcic, an award-winning German designer, has tackled an entire theme he has identified in the MAXXI Architettura archives, namely “fantastic architecture”.

Grcic explores the visionary aspect of the work of Sergio Musmeci, Giuseppe Perugini, Maurizio Sacripanti and contemporary architect Bernard Khoury. Through the use of Alcantara, Grcic gives life to a fantastic landscape between reality and surrealism, reflecting on topical themes such as the connection between the natural and the artificial and the relationship between man and technology.

The installation will become part of the MAXXI collection.