Wednesday 19 October 2016 ore 10:30 - 12:30

12th Annual Federculture Report 2016Business Culture

​Auditorium del MAXXI​

It is undeniable that the culture sector, after years of stagnancy, is returning to the centre of governmental debate and initiatives. Many mechanisms that had appeared to be irremediably frozen have been revived and culture finally appears to be on its way to playing a central role in the policies for the development of the country. New scenarios are emerging that arouse contemporaneously expectations and opposition. It is within this fluid context that it is necessary to make an analytical contribution the draws attention to critical issues and opportunities in the ongoing processes of reform, directing the debate towards a new definition of cultural heritage that, based on public interest and participation, overcomes the rigidity of the past.

The 12th Annual Federculture Report makes a contribution to the debate with a broad-based and detailed overview of the ongoing dynamics in the cultural sector through authoritative and topical papers and an up-to-date statistical appendix.

Giovanna Melandri President, Fondazione MAXXI

Introduced by
Andrea Cancellato President, Federculture
Carlo Fontana President Agis

Claudio Bocci Director, Federculture
Franco Bernabè President, Italian National Commission for l’UNESCO / President, Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma
Ermete Realacci President, Fondazione SYMBOLA
Gianni Torrenti Councillor responsible for culture, sport and solidarity – Friuli Venezia Giulia Region / Political coordinator Cultural Conference Commission of the Regions

Dario Franceschini Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism

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