Il Padiglione sull'Acqua, 2023, film still
Thursday 22 February 2024 ore 18:00 - 20:00

film screeningIl Padiglione sull’Acqua

MAXXI auditorium
free admission subject to availability
film in Italian and Japanese with Italian subtitles

A journey, both aesthetic and poetic, into the imagination of the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa and his passion for Japanese culture.

Through the impressions suggested by the Japanese philosopher Ryosuke Ōhashi, Il Padiglione sull’Acqua (2023, 77′) develops along the thread of a question, the question about the meaning of beauty. The possibility of this reflection unites Scarpa’s works and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Venice, as the gateway to the East and Scarpa’s birthplace, and the enchanted exploration of his works provide an opportunity to recall the poetics and emblematic episodes in the architect’s life.

The screening is preceded by a talk with Stefano Croci and Silvia Siberini, directors of the film, and Guido Pietropoli, architect; Elena Tinacci, MAXXI Coordinator of Contemporary Architecture and Design, introduces.

individual seats reserved for myMAXXI card holders by writing to, by the day before the event