Thursday 19 May 2011

The Mediterranean, immigration, dialogue and crisis

Il Mediterraneo tra immigrazione, dialogo e crisi

Thursday 19 May, 18.30-20.30

The Mediterranean, immigration, dialogue and crisis
A seminar around Michelangelo Pistoltetto’s Mediterranean Table – Love Difference with the Discussion Group on Asylum and Immigration.

?The seminars for discussion and analysis on immigration represent an original experience conducted in Italy for over five years by a group of intellectuals, ecclesiastical and trade union figures, NGOs and associations operating in favour of immigrants, jurists, members of parliament and a number of business associations and public institutions, international organizations and public bodies that have created a network for the discussion of the issues of immigration and asylum, the tackling of the themes associated with the government of such phenomena and the analysis of a number of aspects relevant to their management.

The seminar at MAXXI will be presented and coordinated by Daniela Carlà and Ugo Melchionda.