Thursday 1 January 1970

The taste of energy. Erica Mou / Salvatore Tassa

On the occasion of the exhibition Energy. Oil and post-oil architecture and grids, MAXXI is presenting a series of lectures from September to November, to identify and “unleash” our deep-lying energies: those that serve for living, thinking and creating.
Artists and scientists, intellectuals and politicians, environmentalists and business people, moving from their specific areas of competence will dialogue with the MAXXI public to stimulate reflection on the extraordinary transformative vital force that inhabits ideas, thoughts, emotions and actions.

Saturday 28 September, 11.00
The taste of energy
MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free
Energy has diverse and multiple colours, timbres, registers and physical realities. When it is song the energy resounds, when it is food energy nourishes. Energy always provides “flavour”: for those who discover, manipulate and transform it, for those who consume it through headphones or at the table.

Forthcoming lectures
Saturday 5 October, 11.00
THE BREATH OF ENERGY Vito Mancuso/ Lorenzo Amurri
Saturday 12 October, 15.00
THE ENERGY OF CHALLENGE Brunello Cucinelli / Roberto Galimberti / Giovanni Soldini
Wednesday 16 October, 18.00
ENERGY AT WORK Enrico Giovannini / Giovanna Melandri
Saturday 19 October, 11.00
WITH THE ENERGY OF US ALL Ilaria Capua / Hou Hanru
Saturday 23 November, 11.00
CIVIL ENERGY Laura Boldrini / Ignazio Marino / Roberto della Seta
Saturday 30 November, 11.00
MY KIND OF ENERGY Riccardo Luna / Paola Maugeri