13 October 2021 > 31 October 2021

Campo di Fossoli between memory and projectThe design competition for the new visitors centre

archives centre MAXXI Architettura

Contemporary architecture as an instrument for conservation and valorization of the memory of places. On display the four finalist projects of the international design competition for the realization of the new visitors centre for the Campo di Fossoli.

The Campo di Fossoli is a place with a complex and layered history, a place important for the collective memory. It has been transformed and used for different purposes during its lifetime, from detention camp for war prisoners, Jews and political opponents to home of the orphans’ community Nomadelfia.

The Fondazione Fossoli, established in 1996, manages the Campo with the goal of conserving and valorizing the place of memory by organizing visits and educational and informative events.

Given the inadequacy of the existing structure of the Campo, it was essential to provide such an important place with spaces and buildings with high architectural and functional value.

An international design competition was then announced with the aim of realizing an architecture capable of characterizing and enhancing the entrance area of the Campo, with respect for the existing materic testimonies; the four finalist projects of this competition are presented in the exhibition.

Header: foto © Sarah Angels, 2009