Grazia Toderi. Mirabilia Urbis

31 October 2012 – 03 March 2013 exhtended until 10 March
Gian Ferrari Hall
curated by Monia Trombetta

MAXXI is devoting the exhibition Mirabilia Urbis to Grazia Toderi, Leone d’Oro at the Venice Biennale in 1999 and one of the most representative members of the Italian generation of the 1990’s.
?The work from which the exhibition takes its name was created by the artist in 2001 and joined the MAXXI Arte permanent collection this year thanks to Renata Novarese’s generous donation.

Rome plays a leading role in the three works by Grazia Toderi on show: three video projections for three different visions of the capital from above, teeming with lights or cloaked in darkness, in which the rhythm of streets, buildings and piazzas becomes pattern, evocation, dilated and stratified space, making the portrait of the “eternal city” all the more profound.
Mirabilia Urbis (2001) marks the beginning of the exhibition and is shown together with Rosso (2007), already part of the collection, and Mirabilia Urbis (2012), a large-scale double projection realised by Grazia Toderi for this occasion.

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