Edoardo Persico,
 Un negozio a Torino,
 in “Domus”, n. 92,
 agosto 1935.
 Courtesy Editoriale Domus.
Saturday 15 February 2020 ore 11:30 - 13:00

The Histories of Architecture.Gio Ponti and publishing 
with Roberto Dulio

MAXXI auditorium – € 5
carnet for four meetings € 10
10 individual seats free and reserved for myMAXXI cardholders by writing to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it, by the day before the event

Four meetings to know Ponti’s multi-faceted activities, which include architecture, design, teaching, publishing, decoration, and scenography.

The programme intends to flank the exhibition in introducing and bringing the audience closer to Ponti’s multi-faceted activities: architecture and design, teaching and publishing, decoration and scenography; a legacy that has no equal in terms of versatility, flair, and commitment. A five-lesson long path designed to outline the professional profile of a person who actively participated in the re-birth of post-war Italian design.

Gio Ponti and the city
with Giorgio Ciucci

In issue 53 of “Domus” of May 1932, Gio Ponti published a short but incisive article on photography in relation to sector publishing, in which he showed a very acute awareness of the use of photography and its implications that, together with the interests that Ponti always nourished for art, publishing, fashion and advertising, could not but determine the development of a sophisticated visual communication strategy.

Starting from the “Domus” experience but also from the subsequent magazines in which he would write such as “Stile”, “Bellezza. Mensile dell’alta moda e di vita italiana” and “Aria d’Italia”, the lesson will retrace Gio Ponti’s relationship with publishing and is aimed at establishing a circularity of intent and cultural references that was able to bring together architectural and design culture, integrating these areas with decorative arts, a mirror of the most significant arts, and fashion.

Roberto Dulio is an associated professor of History of Architecture at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. He has curated exhibitions and published books and essays. He was the editor of the magazine “L’architettura cronache e storia” and has collaborated with other magazines including “Casabella” and “Domus”.