Thursday 1 January 1970

GAP Generations face-to-face

7-8-9 March, 18.00-20.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E. meeting room
curated by Micol Di Veroli and Giovanna Sarno

Gap – Generations Face-to-Face is a project designed to highlight the mediating and image-generating power of video art, an instrument for the transmission of sensations and emotions in movement that may draw on the most up-to-date technologies to express the artist’s creativity to the full.
The festival will be an occasion for the presentation of video works by Italian and international artists such as: Bianco-Valente, Masbedo, Anita Calà, Stefano Cagol, Joan Jonas, Rosa Jijon, Susan Kleinberg, Sandro Mele, Daniela Perego, Fabrizio Plessi, Daniele, Puppi, Arash Radpuor, Guendalina Salini, Studio Azzurro and Carlo Zanni. During the event there will be opportunities for debate and discussion with the artists, the curators and the public.

Promoted by Federculture in collaboration with MAXXI and with the support of the Lazio Region