Saturday 12 March 2016 ore 21:00 - 23:00

Cinema at MAXXI - TRIBUTESESTHER by Amos Gitai | Tribute to Amos Gitai

MAXXI Auditorium – Full price ticket €7.00; €5.00 up to 26 years of age
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The ticket allows for reduced price entrance to MAXXI (8€) for one week

A film by Amos Gitai, Austria/Israel/GB 1986, 96’
Cast: Simone Benyamini, Mohammad Bakri, Juliano Merr, Zare Vartanian, David Cohen, Sara Cohen-Hadria, Rim Bani

Esther is the biblical heroine from the book of the same name in the Old Testament. Having become the Queen of Persia under King Xerxes, Esther thwarts a palace conspiracy plotted by the minister Aman, thus preventing the slaughter of her people. Still today the episode is remembered by the Jews in the festival of Purim. “The fact that, from among all the biblical figures, Gitai chose this ‘great little woman’ who lived during the era of the exile is symptomatic of the pluralist and pacifist orientation of the work” (Film TV).

CINEMA at MAXXI | 27 January – 7 April 2016
curated by Mario Sesti

A film club that’s also a festival with exclusive, authoritative programmes where you can meet cult directors of the big screen: CINEMA at MAXXI, the programme that has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people over the previous seasons, is this year again presenting film in all its myriad aspects, confirming that the seventh art may become a vital part of the activities of a museum devoted to contemporary creativity.
The proposals for this edition:
EXTRA major previews
TRIBUTES excellence to the fore
MASTERCLASS face to face with the protagonists
ALICE FAMILY the best of children’s film

A Fondazione Cinema per Roma and MAXXI co-production