Thursday 1 January 1970

Early Works – Trisha Brown Dance Company

Early Works - Trisha Brown Dance Company

Tuesday 18 October, 15.00 and 18.00
Wednesday 19 October, 15.00 and 18.00
Saturday 22 October, 15.00
The performances are scheduled during the museum opening hours and are accessible with a museum ticket.

Each performance lasts around 1 hour.

The programme, developed with Romaeuropa Festival 2011, features a selection of some of the most significant early pieces, created at the time when Trisha Brown (1936, Aberdeen, Washington) founded her company. The Early Works date from the years 1970-1974 and are composed of apparently very simple movements that combine to become complex choreographies. The programme boasts a number of Italian debuts such as Scallops and Leaning Duets and Leaning Duets II – in which the relationship between equilibrium and disequilibrium is dissected and recomposed – flanked by better known works such as Spanish Dance, which uses Bob Dylan’s interpretation of the song Early Morning Rain as its sound track, and Accumulation with music by the Grateful Dead. Sticks and Figure 8 are instead conceived as true architecture delineated by the bodies of the dancers.

Leaning Duets I (1970)
Accumulation (1971)
Leaning Duets II (1971)
Group Primary Accumulation (1973)
Scallops Re-worked (1973)
Sticks I (1973)
Sticks II (1973)
Sticks IV (1973)
Spanish Dance (1973)
Figure 8 (1974)

Spanish Dance. Photo by Alfredo Anceschi