Thursday 1 January 1970 -

Draunara. An installation by Federica Cellini

15 – 25 January 2015
Inauguration: Wednesday 14 January, 19.30
MAXXI Piazza – admittance free

Every day, thousands of parched, tired, frightened and desperate men who have left their homes land on the shores of Lampedusa. Crammed into small wooden boats, crushed one against another, they arrive bewildered after days at sea suspended between life and death. The landings go on for hours, for days, creating an awe-inspiring golden flow that stuns and confuses the Sicilian island.

According to an ancient Sicilian
belief the gales blowing from the sea
were the “tails of dragons”

The work by Federica Cellini is an installation based on two narrative levels: the photos of the day of the migrants’ arrival and the sound realised in collaboration with Aleksander Protic, a sound designer who has worked with the Serbian director Emir Kusturica.

Uno scatto fotografico di Federica Cellini