Thursday 1 January 1970 -

DAB – Design for Artshop and Bookshops

16 December 2014 – 10 January 2015
Inauguration: Tuesday 16 December, 18.30
Spazio D Corner – free admittance

DAB – Design for Artshop and Bookshops, born in 2006 within the ambit of the DE.MO Programme, support for new design for artshops and bookshops and for international mobility for young Italian artists, now in its fifth edition.

Structured as a National Biennial Competition, DAB provides for the realization of projects encouraging the design by young designers and artists of objects destined for craft or industrial production and whose natural habit is a museum bookshop.

The limited edition production runs incentivize the Made in Italy, promoting the work of small craft-based companies while enhancing and differentiating the range of products offered by the bookshops and artshops.

Prototypes by the following designers will be on show: Antonio Abatangelo, Chiara Angioli, Margarita Aviles De Carlos, Marco Fogaccia, Shi Jintian, Nicoletta Marangoni, Maria Montes De Oca, Emilio Baria, Ilaria Bartolini, Lucia Biancalana, Eleonora Bompieri, Bottega Krua di Giada Fogliatoe Arianna Piazza, Code0039 di Dante Antonucci, Laura Crognale, Stefania Quintili e Alessandro Zuppa, De-Sign di Daniela Cavasin e Enrica Zanini, Alessandro Esposito, Federico Fiordigiglio, Alberto Galotta e Federica Lissoni, Gian Piero Giovannini, Massimiliano Marianni, Elena Maurigh, Costanza Palmirani, Lorenzo Passi, Arianna Piazza, Daniele Piazzola, Studio Alchemico Di Giulio Bogani and Sofia Crescioli.

The exhibition is promoted by GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists and realised by the Office of Young Artists of the Municipality of Modena.

DAB is part of the DE.MO. Convention Project – support for new design and mobility, developed by GAI and the Ministry for cultural activities and heritage and tourism (MiBACT) – Directorate General for the landscape, the fine arts, architecture and contemporary art (PaBAAC) / Architecture and contemporary art service and Directorate General for the valorization of the cultural heritage. In collaboration with MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts.