Friday 15 December 2023 ore 18:00 - 19:00

books at MAXXICosa farò da grande. I miei primi 90 anniby Gino Paoli

Carlo Scarpa hall
free admission subject to availability
event in Italian

Gino Paoli talks to his friend Daniele Bresciani with candour, and without hesitation asks himself difficult questions about the world we live in.

His story runs together with that of our country, risen from the ashes of dictatorship and war to launch an era of inexhaustible creativity, where a young man of genius and intemperance alternates between enormous successes and moments of crisis, but every time he falls, he rises again, prouder than before.

Irene de Vico Fallani Head of the Guidance and Development Department

Daniele Bresciani journalist and writer, co-author of the book
Gino Paoli singer-songwriter

In collaboration with Bompiani.

individual seats reserved for myMAXXI card holders by writing to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it, by the day before the event