Thursday 1 January 1970

Corpus Delicti, a visual archaeology of mafia phenomena in contemporary Italy

Tuesday 29 May, 18.30
MAXXI B.A.S.E. meeting room – admittance free

The project by the photographers Alessandro Imbriaco and Tommaso Bonaventura intends to restore visible form to the mafia phenomena through the image, ideally uniting the cruelty of the massacres of 20 years ago with the grey area in which the mafia phenomena still prosper today.

After the 1990s and the culmination of the mafia massacre season, the face of organized crime in Italy has gradually mutated, and merged into the political and economic fabric of the country to the extent that it is perceived as a dispersed, multiform and invisible reality.
Corpi di Reato, un’archeologia visiva dei fenomeni mafiosi nell’Italia contemporanea is intended to contrast this dispersion and restore a perceptible horizon to the mafias by following the many signs left on the territory and also to show the void and absence provoked by criminal actions: the deserted chambers of commissioned town councils, sequestered building sites, the geography of police investigations, the sightings of fugitives, the search for hideouts.

The project will be presented by the curator Fabio Severo and the photographers.
Enzo Ciconte, Lecturer in the history of organized crime
Christian Raimo, writer and literary critic
Giovanni Tizian, L’Espresso group journalist

Corpi di reato is a project realised by ZONA in collaboration with Libera – Associazione nomi e numeri contro le mafie, with Fondazione Progetto Legalità onlus, with the Associazione da Sud and with Contrasto.