Thursday 1 January 1970



A writer: Sandro Veronesi, a philosopher: Umberto Galimberti, an historian/journalist: Paolo Mieli and a rock star: Gianna Nannini. The protagonists of the first four events in the series ContemporaneaMente who on four Thursdays will be recounting their relationship with contemporaneity, interviewed by the journalists Pierluigi Battista and Piero Dorfles.

30 June, 20.15
Pierluigi Battista meets Gianna Nannini
YAP Space, admittance €4

The singer will talk about her passion for contemporary art, her work with artists such as Carla Accardi and Michelangelo Pistoletto, to whom she lent her voice for the installation of Il Terzo Paradiso.

Gianna Nannini    /    Pierluigi Battista


Gianna Nannini. First and foremost a rock singer, but also a writer, artists and activist, Gianna Nannini is at the peak of a career that began at a very young age at the conservatoire in Siena. From her first album Gianna Nannini (1975) to the present, the rock star has undertaken a long artistic journey during which she has worked with the leading names in Italian and international music. A constant presence at all important occasions of civic commitment, she has sung against nuclear power and in favour of immigrants, the Abruzzo earthquake victims and Greenpeace. She has just completed her Io e te tour 2011.

ContemporaneaMente will then return in the autumn. Future guests will include Andrea Camilleri, Ascanio Celestini, Antonio Pappano and Carlo Verdone.

ContemporaneaMente is a MAXXI project realised in partnership with Euro Forum Comunicazione and with the support of Gruppo Ars Medica.