Thursday 1 January 1970

Cinema e Moda

Three appointments with films and seminars recounting the passionate relationship between fashion and the silver screen
curated by Mario Sesti

Wednesday 21 January, 21.00
La decima vittima
by Elio Petri, Italy 1965, 90?
With Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress
Costumes Sorelle Fontana
Auditorium – free admittance

Ahead of the screening, seminar with Luca Guadagnino moderated by Mario Sesti

Taken from a celebrated story by Robert Schekley, a leading light in 1960s science fiction, filmed in Manhattan and Piazza Navona, Rome, beloved of prog rockers in Italy and elsewhere, this film is an inexhaustible source of hyperrealist expressionism in terms of costumes, lighting, sets and acting, which celebrates the triumph of a society indifferent to its own nihilist egoism.

Ursula Andress and Marcello Mastroianni, unreliable, schizoid, luminous and self-deprecating like the comic heroes in a Lichtenstein painting, are fetish icons that wink and slide in the kaleidoscope of images like triplets in a Coltrane solo.

Luca Guadagnino director, script writer and producer

Mario Sesti journalist and film critic

Forthcoming events
Wednesday 28 January | Tribute to Piero Tosi
Wednesday 4 February | 8 ½

On the occasion of the exhibition Bellissima. L’Italia dell’alta moda 1945 – 1968
In collaboration with Fondazione Cinema per Roma