28 September 2018 > 18 November 2018

Caline Aoun. seeing is believing

Gian Ferrari Hall
curated by Britta Faerber and Anne Palopoli

The artist combines minimalism and conceptual art with the question of how the evolution of digital technologies alters our perception of images and information.

MAXXI and Deutsche Bank present seeing is believing the first large-scale exhibition in Europe by Caline Aoun, winner of Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2018-2019.

Aoun’s practice takes place between an alternating of physicality and “digitality”, abstraction and concreteness, repeatedly questioning where tangible representation fails human perception. Indeed, her work has the incredible aspect of turning the invisible into something visible. Throughout topographical studies she engages with spaces materially, altering the surfaces and transforming them. At MAXXI the artist will present a series of site-specific works, in which the viewer will be immersed in a very textural and material illusion, engaging with the museum’s physicality. Architectural components of the museum will be subject to playful material transformations, re-visiting and re-inventing the physicality of the space.

More info on Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year