Thursday 1 January 1970

Bruna Esposito. Paesaggio

19 June Marzia Migliora
20 June Alex Cecchetti
21 June Bruna Esposito

Claudia Gian Ferrari Hall
curated by Anne Palopoli

MAXXI and Telecom Italia are presenting ACTING OUT. Italian artists in action, a performance season in the museum spaces and, to follow, an exhibition presenting the monumental works, the photographs, the videos and the documentation remaining from the performances.
The artists involved, Alex Cechetti, Bruna Esposito and Marzia Migliora, using diverse idioms and methods, give rise to different narratives that share a desire to relate to the spatial reality of the museum and the social, political and historical reality of the world.

Thursday 21 June, 17.00

MAXXI Piazza – admittance free

“Every time I see, amidst the asphalt and the concrete, plants and flowers rocking on the buzzing Ape trucks of the mobile florists, I follow them with a gaze that takes on a charge of sweet good humour”. (B.E.)
Bruna Esposito will use an Ape Piaggio full of plants and flowers, which she herself defines as a “monument to beauty”.

Bruna Esposito, Paesaggio, photo by Cecilia Fiorenza