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VideogalleryBedfellowsby Frances Adair Mckenzie

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“Ecology is permanent economy.”
—Women-led Chipko Movement, India, 1970s

Bedfellows is a reflection on the alienating condition we’re all living in, created and directed by Canadian artist Frances Adair Mckenzie. Now that things are changing, Mckenzie offers an alternative for what living, thriving and dying might mean for humans. To do it, she uses a rich repertoire of video effects and voiceovers by poets Maya Khamala and David M. Armstrong. All these voices together tell us a tale of otherness and invite us to see through the eyes of other creatures and consciousnesses.

Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s writings on forests and environmental biology and by Ursula Le Guin’s writings on futuristic anthropology, the artist borrows from the natural world concepts such as sexual mimicry, evolution and collaboration between species, to imagine new ways of living. Bedfellows insists on the possibility that, taken together, poetry, love and history can lead us beyond our fear of change, towards new horizons.

header: Frances Mckenzie, Bedfellows, video still