Friday 15 November 2019 ore 11:00 - Sunday 17 November 2019 22:00

ASFF 2019.Asperger film festival

MAXXI auditorium –  free admittance until full capacity

The film festival curated by the association Not Equal returns to the museum with 61 short films capable of recounting the reality that surrounds us.

For the seventh consecutive year MAXXI is hosting ASFF, the film festival curated by people who recognise themselves within the autism spectrum, organized by the association Not Equal in collaboration with Fondazione MAXXI, with the support and contribution of the Lazio Region and MIBAC and SIAE within the ambit of the National Plan for Film for Schools. We shall never tire of saying so, but ASFF is not a festival about autism or disability in general, but rather an authentic film festival, curated by people who consider diversity, any form of diversity, to be a value rather than something to fear.

The 2019 edition presents 61 short films selected from among the 3,150 sent in from more than 100 countries, divided into four competition sections and a thematic showcase dedicated to neurodiversity. This year too the young staff have selected powerful works capable of recounting in just a few minutes the reality that surrounds us. What emerges is a world in flames, increasingly animated by racial hatred and prejudice, a world in which work crushes, the right to gender identity is not guaranteed and bullying kills.

Like Greta, who looks out from the poster for this the seventh edition (designed by Bianca Lazarel of the Liceo Orioli in Viterbo) and like the many, many students who, from early in 2019, have taken part in the AS Film Festival SCHOOL, workshops, encounters and screenings organized to provide the students with the theoretical and practical tools they need to take a critical approach to the cinematic medium and above all to stimulate the development of a sense of civic duty, a consideration of the self and the other, respecting diversity and opposing all forms of discrimination.

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