Friday 10 February 2017 ore 11:30 - 18:00

AAA ItaliaARCHIVI 2.0_Archiving projects: professionals, institutions, businesses

CSAC – Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione
Abbazia di Valserena, Via Viazza di Paradigna, 1, Parma

A new FORUM AAA/ITALIA seminar designed to tackle and compare hypotheses and solutions regarding the issue of digital archiving.
Contemporary architecture archives, by their very nature complex and composed of heterogeneous and frequently fragile materials, have over the last 20 years increased vastly in size with documents in digital form, the natural result of the updating of the profession.
From the archistars to the small design studios and through to technical offices of public bodies and companies, designers are producing increasing quantities of born native materials and coming up against the issues relating to the archiving and conservation of a great quantity of digital information.
In this way, the potential for connections between the archives of designers, clients and institutions increases: this process in fact involves not just the producers but also those who collect for various motives the projects in digital form and those destined to conserve them.