Thursday 1 January 1970

Architecture Visions / Erratic language in architectural narratives

Architecture Visions

The programme, subdivided into three thematic sections, is composed of six evenings introduced and followed by a brief and rapid conversation and by videos collected and selected by Image ARCHIVE. Each of the three sections is split into two evening events: The first features a selection of architecture videos, the second is devoted to the screening of a feature-length film.

Through the works chosen it will be possible to initiate a debate among the expressive media available to architects and those of the documentary and video makers devoted to interpretations of the same issue.

27 September 2011, 20.30

YAP Space – free admittance
presents the way of recount architecture, making the protagonist of a gaze at times within and at others external to the architectural debate

Tronic Studio, Herzog & de Meuron: 56 Leonard, architettura di Herzog & de Meuron, US 2009, 2’06”
UNIFORM, London Bridge Quarter, architettura di Renzo Piano Building Workshop, UK 2008, 1’07”
A. P. Komen, Karen Murphy, Music Theatre, architettura di UNStudio, NL 2009, 8’11”
Luis Urculo, Epsilon Euscadi, architettura di ACXT, ES 2010, 2’57”
Pedro Kok, Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, architettura di Eduardo Souto de Moura, NL 2009, 1’52”
Tânia Moreira David, La petite maison An architectural seduction, architettura di Skene Catling de la Peña, UK 2009, 9’57”
Stack! Studios, Teatro Aix En Provence, architettura di Gregotti Associati International, IT 2003, 3’08”
Squint/Opera, Olympics 2012, architettura di HOK, UK 2007, 4’52”

Last event
2/2 4 October 2011, 20.30

The event is part of the museum’s summer programme hosted in the YAP MAXXI spaces