Thursday 9 November 2017 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Andante tra le mura. By Marta Salimei and Ida Tonini

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admittance free subject to availability of places

A long and very pleasant stroll amidst living poems, great attractions and natural beauties

After having helped us discover or rediscover the greenery of Rome with Adagio per giardini, Marta Salimei and Ida Tonini exhort us to skirt round and go beyond the city walls to venture into the Roman countryside drenched in the light that captivated painters such as Poussin, Turner and Corot, Countryside in which the eye notes among the pastures the ruins of baths, temples, mausoleums, villas and aqueducts, creating that perfect harmony of nature and culture that constitutes the very essence of the Italian landscape we all would like to be safeguarded.

From the majestic vaults of Caracalla to the meadows of Tor Fiscale, from the variegated scenery of the Circo di Massenzio to the Caffarella Park, from the Villa dei Quintili to the Aniene Natual Reserve, the book at the centre of this talk presents nine enchanting walks that will reveal places we never knew and encourage us to return to others, those perhaps full of the memories of infancy but which, due to forgetfulness or neglect we have for too long failed to visit.

Introduced by
Margherita Guccione, Director, MAXXI Architettura

Gianfranco Calligarich writer and journalist
Alberta Campitelli art historian
Marta Salimei and Ida Tonini authors of the book