Thursday 1 January 1970

A tribute to Steve Jobs

Following the summer break, ContemporaneaMente returns with the leading figures in the art and culture of the 21st century.
Five new encounters discussing the music, film, literature and journalism of today through the voices of the protagonists recounting their personal relationships with the contemporary world. The series restarts with a special event:

Thursday 4 October, 19.00 – 22.00
A tribute to Steve Jobs
MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free

An evening of technology, music, design and film to remember Steve Jobs, the restless genius of Silicon Valley, a year after his death.
A three-hour happening recounting, from diverse perspectives, his passions, his extraordinary, visionary imagination, the cultural context in which he grew up and the music he listened to and testifying to the void he left behind. Steve Jobs, one of the planet’s most influential men of this generation, a leader of our time who successfully innovated the world of technology, marketing, design and digital culture. Steve Jobs, the visionary with an immense personal charisma who revolutionised our contemporary lifestyle with his creativity.

The speakers will include:
Marco Cattaneo, editor of National Geographic Italia and Le Scienze
Aldo Cazzullo, columnist and reporter with the Corriere della Sera
Umberto Croppi, DG Esposizione del Made in Italy e del Design italiano
Carlo Massarini, journalist and broadcaster
Eugenio Occorsio, economic journalist of Repubblica
Claudio Strinati, director Comitato Scientifico Fondazione Sorgente Group
Massimo Teodori, columnist and lecturer in contemporary and American history

Exclusive interviews with Vittorio Zucconi and Furio Colombo by the journalist Raffaello Siniscalco will be screened.
While a selection of Steve Jobs’ most famous creation from the historic Apple I to the rare Macintosh 128K and Next Cube will also be on show.

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