16 March 2018 > 11 May 2018

The 55 days of Aldo Moro


Gallery 1
The closing of the exhibition has been extended to 11 May 2018

“When you tell the truth you should never regret having told it. The truth is always illuminating. It helps us be courageous.”
– Aldo Moro

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Via Fani massacre, MAXXI is commemorating Aldo Moro through the gaze of three artists and a series of events that examine the kidnapping and imprisonment of the Italian statesman.

At the centre of the project is 3,24 mq by Francesco Arena, which reproduces the actual dimensions of the space in which Moro was held prisoner for 55 days. The work will be on show from 16 March to 9 May (the dates of the kidnapping and the discovery of the body) at the heart of the museum, in Gallery 1, home of the permanent collection.

The work will dialogue with Il processo by Rossella Biscotti, in which the transformations of the Fencing Academy at the Foro Italico by Luigi Moretti that became an “aula bunker”, or armoured courtroom, in the Seventies and housed historic trials including that regarding Moro, become cues for reflecting on our collective history, and with J&B and Varietà by Flavio Favelli. In J&B, the artist redraws a fragment of the daily newspaper La Repubblica from 16 March 1978, with the shocking title regarding the kidnapping of Moro contrasting with the coldness of the advertisement for a brand of whisky. In Varietà, Favelli presents three postage stamps originally issued for the 25th anniversary of Moro’s death: due to a production error, the images are out of focus, a symbol of a tragically mishandled and unjust story.