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Sixth Day of the Contemporary

Sixth Day of the Contemporary

Saturday 9 October 2010

Free museum entrance at MAXXI too for the Sixth Day of the Contemporary, the great annual event devoted to contemporary art and its public promoted by AMACI and this year celebrating its sixth edition.

For the occasion the MAXXI Education Department will be presenting a rich programme of activities aimed at a public with a wide range of ages and expectations and providing the instruments for an active and participatory reading of  the themes of the contemporary.  Guided tours, workshops for families, a special project realised in collaboration with the Asl RmA, a “Listening Point” for constructive exchange between the museum and its visitors. An entire day with a single protagonist: the public.

Moreover, this sixth edition sees the continuation of the AMACI project featuring an Italian artist of international repute each year. For the 2010 Day of the Contemporary, AMACI has called upon Stefano Arienti who has created the keystone image of the event with his work Crystals. At a time in which Italy is preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of national unification, the artist has dedicated a sophisticated tribute to the country, representing it as a fragile entity, composed of hundreds of small tessarae, the recomposed remains of a shattered sheet of crystal glass.