Foto: Futura Tittaferrante
Saturday 8 December 2018 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Eppur si muoveThe embrace

Museum galleries – admission free
conceived and curated by Anna Lea Antolini, with Irene De Vico Fallani

An experiential performance project touring three centres of art and culture in Rome

Eppur si muove is a touring performance project created with two objectives: flow and transformation through the gaze, through contact and through the embrace.
It all happens in three performative encounters, in three different locations and with three guides and a touring presence. The dancer educator Marta Ciappina and the originator of the project Anna Lea Antolini reflect together with the participants and bring in for each occasion a figure of diverse provenance: the architect designer Riccardo Blumer at the Accademia di Francia (18 October), the philosopher Emanuele Coccia at the Auditorium Parco della Musica (16 November) and the choreographer director Alessandro Sciarroni at MAXXI (8 December).
The dancer Giacomo Luci will be the touring presence at each location.

Eppur si muove – The embrace

Alessandro Sciarroni in front of the other, the union. Marta Ciappina, one alone, the whole. Anna Lea Antolini all the others, the unison.
The performance will take place in the spaces and locations of the exhibition La Strada. Dove si crea il mondo, in the OTH Little Fun Palace caravan. Giacomo Luci libera.

event produced by – Cronaca e Memoria dello Spettacolo for R.I.SI.CO.
in collaboration with Accademia di Francia a Roma – Villa Medici, Fondazione Musica per Roma – Auditorium Parco della Musica and MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
with the participation of Grezzo and with the contribution of MIBAC – Department of Liver Performance
Cultural mediation activities curated by Eva Stasi and Giulia Pesole