Jan Fabre. Stigmata

16 October 2013 – 16 February 2014
curated by Germano Celant
Gallery 4

Per-for-mance means a person
who per-for-ates himself and his environment

New York, 20 February 1982

Jan Fabre. Stigmata. Actions & Performances 1976- 2013 is a voyage into the memory of this Flemish artist through drawings, photographs, study models – which Fabre refers to as “thinking models” – and filmic documentations of his performances, from the second half of the 1970s to the present.

Visitors are greeted by a labyrinth of tables introducing the artist’s philosophies. This tool serves to understand his ideas, his memories, his art, profoundly inspired by the traditions of Flemish painting and focused on the study and use of the body.

Jan Fabre, Sanguis/Mantis, 2001. Photo by Maarten Vanden Abeele. Copyright Angelos bvba

In collaboration with Romaeuropa Festival 2013