Galleria Vezzoli

29 May – 24 November 2013
curated by Anna Mattirolo
Galleries 2 and 3

The Trinity is an exhibition that presents the art of Francesco Vezzoli to the public in three different museums: MAXXI, MoMA PS1 in New York and MOCA in Los Angeles.

Galleria Vezzoli reconstructs the timeline of the artist’s research, from his embroideries of the 1990s to his most recent videos, through to his latest sculptures in marble. And it does so in a late-nineteenth-century museum display that interacts directly with Zaha Hadid’s contemporary architecture.
A section devoted to the subject of self portraits has also been included, linking the various works by Vezzoli to a broader reflection on individual and collective identity. The title of the exhibition and the display, which have been created by the artist himself, are an ironic, provocative invitation to reflect on the contemporary museum and on its role as a receiver of works of art and as a keeper of their value.

Whether in the form of petit-point embroidery, videos, photographs or sculptures, the Brescia-born artist’s works are an intermingling of references and quotations with fragments of art house cinema, Hollywood films and television productions, and the history of art, of fashion and of politics. They delve deep into the world of culture, both “high” and “low”. Inspired by themes from the popular imagination, Vezzoli adopts mass-media mechanisms and, using a complex web of linguistic codes, exposes their processes and mechanisms, and the logic behind them.

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A real deconsecrated XIX century church, originally built in the south of Italy, will be deconstructed and re-located in the yard of MoMAPS1. This giant and spellbinding installation will host the evidences of Vezzoli’s own artistic cult: THE CHURCH OF VEZZOLI

Lastly, MOCA (LA) will open CINEMA VEZZOLI, an exhibition which will outline Vezzoli’s attitude in playing with the world of classic European cinema and contemporary Hollywood stardom as a way of mirroring today’s obsession with fame, politics and the public exposure of private issues.

Each exhibition will open at short distance one from the other, unveiling for the very first time the whole complexity of Vezzoli’s world step by step, continent by continent, until the three shows will be exceptionally open at the same time.