Thursday 1 January 1970

Festival of Europe 2013

On the occasion of the celebrations for the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration

10 May 2013
The day will be divided into three sessions:
9.30 (check-in 9:00)
11.30 (check-in 11:00)
15.00 (check-in 14:30)

What’s involved?
A day-event based around the idea of the wunderkammer, or “cabinet of wonders”, for a fascinating voyage among the arts, seeking out the values we share as European citizens.
The museum spaces will become containers for the suggestions produced by directors, writers, cartoonists and musicians.
In the museum piazza an actress will greet the students and accompany them on an exploration of European values. The public will then be divided into four groups. Each group will be invited to visit one of the four rooms named for the occasion after some of the founding fathers of the EU and each dedicated to a specific art: Winston Churchill – Film; Altiero Spinelli – Theatre and Literature; Konrad Adenauer – Music; Alcide De Gasperi – Visual Art. At the end of the itinerary, the students will be involved in a fun team competition, with questions on the four rooms and their contents and prizes being assigned as per the regulations.

Who is it for?
Classes from upper secondary schools

An event promoted by the Department of European Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament, in collaboration with MAXXI, organized by Ragnarock.