Sunday 24 February 2019, 15:00 - 20:00
Film at MAXXI - Extra Special.

David di Donatello legacy

MAXXI Auditorium – free admission until full capacity
10 seats reserved for holders of the myMAXXI card by writing to within one day before the event

A tribute to a great director of Italian cinema, Elio Petri, awarded with the David di Donatello, the most prestigious award in the history of Italian cinema.

3:00 pm
Showing of the movie La classe operaia va in Paradiso, 1972 (awarded with the David for the best film and a David Speciale went to Mariangela Melato).

5:00 pm
A meeting with Piera Detassis and Mario Sesti, and other members of the Academy to remember, analyse, and talk about Elio Petri’s film making filled with one-of-a-kind personality and style.

6:00 om
Showing of the movie La proprietà non è più un furto, 1974.

In collaboration with the Italian Film Academy –David di Donatello Awards

Film at MAXXI is a Fondazione Cinema per Roma/CityFest e Fondazione MAXXI coproduction.