a MAXXI BASE project curated by Giulia Ferracci and Carolina Italiano
4 December 2010 – 13 February 2011
Gianferrari Hall

3,015 portfolios of young Italian artists, two jukeboxes with 150 videos, 5 online databases and the projection of exhibitions and events staged by Careof and Viafarini in Milan present a radically new way of exploring contemporary creativity in which the true protagonists are research, collation, consultation and interaction with the public.

MAXXI BASE is the museum’s research centre housing the library, the archives, the study and the publishing departments, while Contemporaneo.doc/DOCVA is the first event in a series devoted to the most important national and international contemporary art archives.
Born out of the work of two Italian associations (Careof and Viafarini), DOCVA is one of the most active Italian archives, founded in Milan in 1991 along American-style not-for-profit lines. Created with the intention of favouring the professional growth of artists and curators and drawing public attention to contemporary art, DOCVA combines exhibition and didactic activities with documentation services relation to the visual arts.

MAXXI BASE intends to be a point of reference for the documentation of contemporary visual arts, promoting research and the provision of information that will stimulate public interest in contemporary art: drawing on a wide range of media, ideas and idioms, the exhibition Contemporaneo.doc/DOCVA is the initial result.


The Gian Ferrari Hall as prepared by Ghigos ideas, one of the most promising young Italian architectural firms, has been conceived as a dynamic, interactive space reflecting DOCVA’s expertise with regard to the organization of its complementary Library, Portfolio Archive, Video Archive, Portfolio Viewing, Video and Documentation Production and Artbox Opportunities Database services.

photo by Luciano Sebastiano (part)